About us

With Assist Documents, users have access to hundreds of dynamic customizable do-it-yourself legal documents, forms and contracts as well as collections of legal articles, resources, lawyer-reviewed FAQs, legal definitions, and guides to help you to get the information that you need.

Our goal is to empower:

  • Individuals to be due diligent and know their rights
  • Businesses to be compliant

Areas of Law:

  • Real Estate
  • Estate Planning
  • Finance
  • Business
  • Family

Thanks to Assist Documents, users can:

  • Better understand their legal rights
  • Better understand the process of enforcing their legal rights
  • Have access to legal information on their presenting legal issues
  • Have access to hundreds of do-it-yourself legal documents, forms and contracts
  • Create and save unlimited legal documents
  • Have structured documents to take notes
  • Be better prepared for their consultation with a lawyer or mediator or court
  • Save time and money

We believe that preparation is the key to success. With our help, you can make enlightened decisions and put all the chances on your side!

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